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Jan 30, 2013 4:30pm PST
opportunity. remember samsung is getting ready for its brand new launch of its new samsung galaxy s4. apple is actually bringing the launch of next iphone 5s. so, the sooner they get it out the better. >> reporter: once out, they will be available on all major u.s. carriers, and it looks like the subsidized price will range from $149 to $199. still, will people beyond diehard blackberry fans actually buy the phones? >> start with suzanne's question i was a long time blackberry user. about a year ago, i finally switched. why should i switch back? >> you know the famous home button on the bottom of the device, you don't need this anymore. you don't go in and out of applications. you have it all at your fingertips at the same time. and you can take action on it without opening any other applications. >> reporter: but, if you're worried that blackberry isn't hip enough for you, the company had one more surprise: a new addition to its payroll. our new global creative director, ms. alicia keys. >> they did a very nice job. they brought the product out in a successful manner. now the issue
Jan 14, 2013 4:30pm PST
, particularly samsung with its popular galaxy smartphone. finally, today there were reports apple dramatically cut orders for iphone 5 components, due to weak demand. to be sure, apple has not confirmed soft sales with hard numbers. but, experts it would not surprise them if consumers were sour on iphone 5. >> it may be significant, we just came through the consumer electronics show and virtually all of the high profile phones that were introduced there had very large screens. some manufacturers like samsung have done very well with screens that are five inches or more in size. the iphone 5 is a four inch screen. >> reporter: apple is still far more profitable than any other consumers electronics firm in the world. but, analyst's celestial expectations have led to a crushing fall for apple shares. since hitting a high of $705 in september, the stock has lost nearly 30%. the selloff has trigged a big debate on wall street. are the shares cheap enough to buy, or is the market darling done? apple bulls argue the gadget maker has a p.e. of just 11. apple bears say the company's days a
Jan 25, 2013 4:30pm PST
, microsoft and samsung. and what will start with wired watches and glasses will eventually blossom into a world wide web of t-shirts, blouses and sweaters. >> it depends on how thin and light you want to make this. companies like i.b.m. are working on some flexible substrates that wl really alow f the creation of wearable electronics. clothing. >> reporter: that's not all i.b.m. is working on. futurist trevor davis says the tech giant now has software that taps into social networks and predicts what people will wear. but does this mean style-setter anna wintour will be replaced by a supercomputer? >> i don't think anna wintour is out of a job too quickly. there's always going to be room for art and some intuition here. but what we can do with our software is take the delay out of it. >> reporter: the fashion craze i.b.m. sees coming in 2013: steampunk. >> it's a retro-futuristic look. it's victorian high fashion meets industrial workwear. it's an obsession with things like brass. it's an obsession with things like cogs and gears. >> reporter: steampunk is still a bit too hip for me
Jan 24, 2013 6:30pm EST
from the ipne iphone 5 to competitors with five-inch screens like samsung. because apple shares are so widely held, many investors tonight are wondering what to do with them. perhaps apple is no longer considered a growth stock. but, is it already low enough to be considered a value play? suzanne pratt, "n.b.r.," new york. >> susie: joining us now with more analysis on apple, and those microsoft earnings, collin gillis, technology analyst at b.g.c. partners. thely for apple their growth is slowing down. it is not the type of growth that wall street labels growth stock. when you see that market sell-off today it has put apple evaluation clearly into the value territory. >> susie: all right but let's just say that apple comes out with a bunch of really cool new products, maybe that ame tv we keep hearing about. would that make apple a growth stock again? >> you know, and so there's always that potential. you know, what investors need to see is what is the innovation that's going to be coming out of apple in the future. and that level of innovation isn't is in question right now. we haven
Jan 22, 2013 1:00am PST
american phenomena, blackberry and iphone. now samsung increasingly is leading. and you can lose whole industries that way. other industries: the batteries in cars, the manufacturing of the cells. that's something that's coming to be dominated by the asians. hybrid vehicles and so forth. there's a reason those things didn't happen first in the united states. >> tom: american innovation and competition around the world. peter morici with us, he's with the university of maryland. thank you professor. >> take care. >> susie: selling the holidays to the world. mike hegedus found a company that's thriving despite intense competition from outside the united states, and also making its signature products right here in america. for the barrango corporation, every day is christmas. >> reporter: you wouldn't know it, but what you're watching is american ingenuity on display for the whole world, a blueprint to recovery for u.s. manufacturing. actually, it's only in guatemala city, but it was conceived, designed and made in america. the world's largest christmas tree-- 8,300 branches, over 1.5 mil
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)